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This page lists known issues (and possible issues) with FDTD++. These are considered to be relatively minor issues, with known workarounds. Therefore, they do not warrant releasing a new version of FDTD++ and should be fixed in the next major release.

  • "error: 'strdup' was not declared in this scope". Fix: Add "#include <cstring>" to the top of output/write_silo_masterfile.cpp.
  • The opening line to a materials file ("material n") must not contain extra whitespace ("material     n", "material n    ", etc.).
  • Unpacking the FDTD++ .tgz file on Windows will not unpack all of the directories correctly (e.g., the aux/ directory). This issue will be corrected in the next release or update of FDTD++.
  • The simulation parameters nxprocs, nyprocs, and nzprocs must be set in the parameters file for all parallel simulations. These will be automatically calculated in the next release of FDTD++, if they are not set.
  • Running in serial can only be accomplished using a serial compilation (see here). Compiling in parallel and running in serial will throw an error.
  • Running without arguments (i.e., a parameters file, materials file, and geometries file) will throw a segmentation fault. In the next release of FDTD++, absent arguments will default to default parameters, etc.
  • An epsr < 1 in the materials file requires a smaller Courant factor -- see here
  • Field profiles generated with SILO displays blank/white spaces where sub-domains (i.e., those from separate processes (processors) meet)