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FDTD++ can be obtained at no charge here.

Note that the above is the only official distribution channel. If you see FDTD++ being distributed elsewhere, please send an email to support@fdtdxx.com.


FDTD++ is distributed as a .tgz file, fdtdxx.tgz. Prior to compiling, it must be unpacked.

On a Unix-like system, fdtdxx.tgz can be unpacked in a terminal by typing:

tar -zxvf fdtdxx.tgz

On Windows, a file archiver can be used to unpack fdtdxx.tgz. That recommended by FDTD++ is the open source software 7-Zip[1].

Notes and references

  1. There is an unconfirmed issue with unpacking fdtdxx.tgz on Windows. See the list of known issues.